Energy Positive.

West Village is an all-in-one community built with vibrant sustainable design and an energy-positive vision; an amenity-rich resort - built for life-long learners of all ages and mother earth alike.

  • Focus on Sustainability

    UC Davis West Village integrates sustainable design in a comprehensive way, allowing residents to reduce their reliance on automobiles, limit energy consumption and enjoy the benefits of the local climate in a healthy environment. Advanced energy conservation features coupled with passive environmental design have resulted in a reduced energy load that exceeds building standards by 50%. Achieving the goal of Zero Net Energy is accomplished by reducing the community energy demand through energy efficient building measures while producing an on-site renewable energy supply.

    West Village is at the forefront of environmentally responsible development with its holistic integration of energy conservation and sustainable energy production, environmentally conscious site and landscape design, and its access to environmentally friendly transportation.

  • Zero Net Energy Lifestyle

    We are the largest aspirational zero net energy apartment community in the nation.

    Zero Net Energy (ZNE) is the combination of energy efficiency measures with on-site renewable electricity generation to meet community energy requirements. So, over the course of a year, the community will generate as much energy as it consumes—for a net energy consumption of zero.

    UC Davis West Village is the first Zero Net Energy development to be designed and implemented on such a massive scale—it’s the largest planned Zero Net Energy community in the United States.

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, traditionally designed buildings consume 40 percent of the total fossil energy in the United States. ZNE building could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

    The California Public Utilities Commission has called for shifting all new residential construction in California to ZNE by 2020, and all new commercial construction to ZNE by 2030. UC Davis West Village is well ahead of schedule.