The Best Places In Hercules To Get Pizza

The Best Places In Hercules To Get Pizza

Hercules, California must be one of the most well kept secrets in California. Hercules is a beautiful city that is built along the coast of San Pablo Bay. Hercules, CA Apartments are luxurious, modern, and offer the kind of life everyone wants.

Hercules was founded in 1881 as the company town of Hercules Power Company. It is a wonderfully ethnically diverse city. The town was incorporated in 1900. The location of this city has drawn people that expect a certain standard of living. While there are beautiful homes in the area, many people do not want the hassle of maintaining a home. They want to walk in and have a home where they can just relax. Many of the residents of Hercules CA, apartments are CEOs, corporate executives, and company owners. They often take advantage of the clubhouse, business center, and invite guests to the pool, and fitness studio.

We have asked people who live in Hercules apartments, and we even sampled some for ourselves and we feel that we can answer the question, who has the best Pizza in Hercules.

Pizza Places

Extreme Pizza

What is different about Extreme Pizza? Extreme Pizza has hundreds of toppings that you would not expect to see on a pizza. Of course, you can still get your standard pepperoni and extra cheese, but if you care to challenge yourself, you will be surprised at how extreme a pizza can be.

Here are a few menu options:

Paia Pie

Mandarin oranges

Canadian Bacon


Mozzarella and cheddar cheese

Baja 1000

Black beans

Grilled chicken



Cheddar cheese

Peace in the Middle East

Homemade hummus (replaces the tomato sauce)







The folks at Extreme Pizza, take pizza seriously and yes, they deliver.

Straw Hat Pizza

Straw Hat Pizza was founded in 1959. They started in a humble setting and soon became an industry leader for pizza. They are still on the cutting edge of the industry. Straw Hat Pizza will not use anything but the best toppings and ingredients. They only use recycled paper products and boxes and those are not recycled with bleach like others.

They use premium meats and cheese free from fillers. The pizza dough is handmade each day and all items on the menu are trans-fat free.

They are selective about the food they serve, which is why they are in high demand. You have to try their pizza. It is like eating in a restaurant in Italy. They will not serve a pizza that is not the best it can be.

Round Tree Pizza

Bill Larson opened the first Round Tree Pizza restaurant in 1959. Today, there are 450 Round Tree Pizza restaurants. Round Tree is popular for their three-blend cheese pizza. They only use the finest ingredients. From their tomatoes to the seasonings, they must be top of the line and fresh. If it is not a premium product, it will not go on a Round Tree Pizza.

Round Tree has grown over the years and continues to grow. However, they will never turn into one of those pizza pit stops. They hold firm to the formula that has made them a success.

Mountain Mike's Pizza

Mountain Mike's is a popular restaurant for locals. What sets Mountain Mikes apart is the personal attention each customer and each pizza gets. The salad bar is fresh and tasty and the pizza is available in gluten-free if you prefer. They use top of the line ingredients. The staff is exceptionally friendly. This is a great, family-type establishment. They also have some great choices on their appetizers lists. Even though this popular restaurant has busy times, everything is kept clean and well stocked. They want your business and will earn your respect.

Mr. Pizza Man

Mr. Pizza Man is a fun place to go and they have great food. It is casual and laidback and everything is made fresh. They offer a very large selection of pizza toppings. They also have chicken wings, burritos, and other options. Everyone in the group will like Mr. Pizza Man’s restaurant. You will get great food, served by people who really care about your business. They will make you feel right at home.

Pizza Guys

Thin crispy crust, thick warm bread crust, fresh cheeses, fine meat products, and a unique traditional Italian pizza. Pizza Guys are great. This casual diner is a great place to just sit back and have some fun. They feature other food choices if you want to shake things up. There is something for everyone. If you want something non-traditional, just ask. The service is great and the restaurant is well-cared for.

Making it home

This is just a tiny portion of the great places to eat in Hercules, Ca. If you are new to the area, check out their special offers on Hercules California apartments.

Imagine living in a place where you can work out, swim, take your pet to the spa, conduct business, and never leave your complex.

There are a lot of places that make pizza. But, there are only a few that make authentic, made from scratch, only the best pizza. It is the same with apartments. There are a lot of apartments, but only a select few are build with nothing held back. If you want to live in style and experience the life you have earned, then check into luxury, resort style, apartments. We know you hold yourself to a higher standard, and so does Aventine Apartments. When you step into the lobby of this complex, you will know, you are home.

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