Gorgeous DIY Fall Apartment Decorations

Gorgeous DIY Fall Apartment Decorations

Fall decorating doesn't have to be a daunting or expensive task. You can give your home a festive feel with these DIY hacks designed specifically for smaller spaces. These tips were gathered from some awesome DIY-ers living in the Berkeley, CA rentals.

Remnant Rugs

These cheap alternatives to pricey floor coverings are the perfect money saving solution. However, they don't always look as great as they could. You can still save on cash and have a nice area rug by utilizing acrylic paint. Let your create muses fly and voila! You now have a custom Fall-themed statement rug.

Better Candles

Instead of rushing to the store to buy $40+ scented candles, you can turn ordinary ones into Fall masterpieces. Start by sticking them into glass votive holders, then wrap the glass up in any Fall-themed design you like. For example, moist corn husks trimmed to fit tied with twine make an excellent piece of decor. For the scent, simply shave some pumpkin or cinnamon onto the candle.

Natural Vases

Gourds and squash come in all sorts of shapes and colors. By carving out the inside and replacing it with florist tubes, you've instantly created a natural vase that screams Fall while remaining subtle enough to not overshadow your other decorations.

Unique Hanging Decor

Do you happen to have extra mason jars lying around? Then you can turn them into Fall chandeliers. All you'll need to do is punch a 1/4 inch hole in the lid, slide some rope through, then make sure to tie it off underneath. What you put inside is up to you, but nothing says Fall quite like some colored leaves.

Leaf Bowls

Head to your local dollar store and pick up something that has a handful of faux leaves long with a balloon. Blow the balloon up, cover the top and sides with the faux leaves, then brush the leaves with a decoupage medium (Liquitex or Mod Podge will work just fine). After drying, apply another coat to the front side of the leaves. Ta-da! You are now the proud owner of a Fall leaf bowl.

Harvest Vases

If you have some extra vases handy, then this one is a cinch. Simply fill them with nuts, acorns, and leaves, then stick some wheat inside. To add extra flair, take some scrap booking paper and roll it into decorative cuffs for the top of the vase.

Leaf Art

All you'll need for this one are a few leaves and some crafting paper. Press the leaves onto the paper, tape them down, and hang them wherever you would like. This works best if you use on leaf per piece of paper and hang them together in a square or rectangle.

Monogrammed Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is fun, but those looking for something a little more unique should make monogrammed pumpkins instead. Take three different sized pumpkins (all smaller, preferably) and etch your monogram in their sides using a different font for each one.

Collector's Showcase

You can pick up a vintage tacklebox at any antique store for just a few dollars. Keep the rustic look, it's going to go perfect with the leaves, acorns, twigs, and any other piece of Fall nature you choose to put inside. A simple walk through the Berkeley area will offer what you need.

An Organic Vase

Gourds are fantastic fall pieces, and a swan gourd can actually make a unique and beautiful vase. You'll need to hollow enough space in the bottom part for a few flowers. Once you've arranged them how you like, simply hang the gourd by it's neck anywhere in your home.

Creative Candle Holders

Re-purposed candle holders can easily become table topping decorations. All you'll need are a few small, inexpensive gourds or pumpkins to place on top. If you don't have any candle holders lying around, look for the most inexpensive ones you can find at an antique store and spray paint them black.

DIY Leaf Banner

If you have twine and leaves outside your apartment, then you can easily create your own leaf banner. This can be done one of two ways. Either tie the twine around the stems or use an adhesive like Liquitex to get the job done. Whichever you choose, you'll have an amazing piece to hang in your window this Fall.

Golden Glow Candle

Any clear glass container than normally houses your candles can quickly become a Fall-themed piece of decor. All you need to do is fill it part way with something seasonal. For a more golden glow, go with uncooked corn kernels. You could also use candy corn for a more Halloween feel.

Berkely CA Rentals

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