Tips For A Safe Halloween

Tips For A Safe Halloween

Halloween is a fun time in the northern regions of the Golden State—copious amounts of candy, costume parties at the clubs and apartments for rent in Oakland CA, door-to-door adventuring around the neighborhoods the comprise the bay, and, for adults getting in on the action, the possibility of heavily discounted alcoholic beverages. While the potential for a incredible evening is nearing its peak, it's also important that anyone participating in the festivities on All Hallows Eve should take the time to prepare themselves to do so in the safest manner possible. Here are some of the tips you should be keeping in mind before you head out this October 31st.

Tips For Kids

For kids, the main focus is on staying safe while trying to score mountains of delicious candy while roaming the streets. Safe Kids Worldwide has a succinct list of practical tips that apply broadly to most trick-or-treaters, and we'll go into some more detail about why these are so essential.

Perhaps most essential among the varied strategies for keeping kids safe during Halloween is supervision. Safe Kids Worldwide recommends any children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult. Of course, this isn't a hard-and-fast-rule, as children can vary wildly in maturity levels. You know your young ones best, so if you do feel that they are capable of handling trick-or-treating without the watchful eye of an elder, just be sure to follow some other common-sense advice, like ensuring that they stay within areas that they are familiar and that they travel with a group of friends as opposed to flying solo.

It's a sad fact, but children are twice as likely to be struck and killed by a motor vehicle on Halloween compared to any other calendar date. When it comes to traversing the neighborhood, kids should take extra precautions to avoid traffic and similar dangers. That means (beyond the normal, everyday advice of looking both ways before crossing) keeping their heads on a swivel and making sure that they stay off of distracting devices (smartphones are one of the main culprits here). They should keep a steady pace, always cross at crosswalks when possible, and try to stick to the sidewalks and pathways as best as they are able.

Of similar importance to staying safe from the dangers posed by the roads is a child's choice in costume. Costumes shouldn't obstructive or limit a child's range of motion too severely. To keep vision at optimal levels, kids should opt for makeup instead of masks whenever possible, and should also test the makeup prior to getting all decked out. Some kids can have allergies to specific kinds of makeups, and it's worth a bit of due diligence to avoid a painful rash or compromising swelling and redness. Make sure costumes and candy bags are colorful, and well-decorated with reflective tape (along with anything else that will help make them more visible in the dark of night). Additionally, flashlights, glowsticks, and other light sources are a must, as they will help children see and be seen much more effectively.

Costume choice is also a factor in keeping down injuries from other potential sources. To avoid damage to the eyes, try to go with makeup that uses color additives approved by the FDA. Make sure costumes are properly sized to avoid injuries from falling, and select costumes that are flame resistant (there will be quite a few jack-o-lanterns out, after all). When it comes to costumes that require contact lenses to complete the look, just say no (as far as children are concerned, anyways) until they've seen an eye specialist to receive lenses that will fit correctly and done some practicing on how to safely use them.

Finally, for kids, a note on candy. No snacks should be consumed while out on the prowl. All candy should be brought home, then thoroughly inspected to ensure its safety. A light meal before heading out should reduce the temptation of eating any sweets while making the rounds. In addition to treats that may have been tampered with (you'll want to check for signs that a wrapper may have been compromised before opening anything), there are more mundane ways in which candy can pose a risk. Children could potentially have an allergy to a kind of candy. There might also be a hazard of choking, particularly from small candies, candies that contain small nuts, hard candies, and gum.

Tips For Adults

For adults, Halloween is usually less about claiming candy and more about participating in parties. Here, a cardinal rule rises above the rest: don't drink too much. It's might be tempting to go all out for the occasion, but the potential for danger makes doing so not-at-all worth the risk. Drink responsibly, and keep a close eye on your glass to ensure that you aren't being given something you didn't ask for. Avoid unpasteurized beverages (like strange juice-blended cocktails,) and try to stay away from Halloween party events that might also come with the risk of exposing yourself to unnecessarily high levels of bacteria. This includes popular old-school Halloween pastimes like bobbing for apples and such. Be sure to check the sources for all your drinks, and when playing any Halloween games, do so in a way that's as sanitary as possible.

Adults' Halloween behavior can also have a big impact on the children, especially where it pertains to driving. Kids will be out in full force, so its important for adults who are driving to remain extra vigilant. If you're going to a party with alcohol, don't drink if you driving and don't drive if you intend on drinking. When navigating the roads, stay extra alert for children during the most popular trick-or-treat hours (usually 5:30-9:30PM) and drive slowly so you can stay abreast of pedestrians. Remember, kids are generally amped up and excited Halloween evening, so they are more likely to move erratically.

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