Decluttering Tips To Start 2018

Decluttering Tips To Start 2018

As 2018 rolls in, many of us find that our living spaces have become a bit crowded over the course of the past year. Not with people, mind you, but with stuff that might not be doing the most good just sitting around.

In California, from the Hercules apartments to the Bay Area at large, residents are trying to bring in this new year with a little less clutter in their homes and baggage weighing them down. If you count yourself among that group, keep reading, as we share some decluttering tips to help you conquer getting clean this January.

Time To Go Minimalist

If you’re curious about where to start, a few great tips come from the minimalist playbook. The idea is that you can do more by removing things from your life that you don’t need. With less stuff to worry about, your mind becomes free to focus on that which is truly important. Refinery 29 sums it up best:

“The best way to usher in fresh and better things in the new year is to make room by purging your apartment of all the unwanted mess that's been taking up space in the past 12 months (or longer).”

You can replace apartment with whatever kind of living space you’d like. The point is, you’ve got to get rid of some stuff to move forward into the new year. Their list starts with the most basic items you should begin with, and is worth going over to kick off your 2018 right:

Unwanted toiletries Worn-out bedding and towels Spare hangers Spices and spice packets Cookbooks Glasses Outdoor equipment Formal wear Framed artwork Product packaging

These items take up more space than you might think, and ridding yourself of their presence will do a lot to improve your overall state of mind. Just think of how easy those things can accumulate without your noticing, and why it’s essential that you purge a bit to keep your space looking tidy.

For more ideas about what you can do without, though, you can turn to Yogi Approved, and their list of items to chuck, organized by specific rooms. They stress that going room by room helps to hone in on what has to go:

“Start by thinking about a few key areas of your house that could use a little purging. Often times these are your closet, your dresser, your bathroom, and your kitchen. I love to use the ‘golden rule’ of if I haven’t used it in the past year, it needs to go.”

In the kitchen, for instance, they advocate cleaning all the expired food from your fridge and pantry, ditching the unused cookware and dinnerware, and tending to those overflowing drawers. In the bathroom, on the other hand, you can do away with expired medicines, ratty old towels, and cleaning supplies that are past their prime.

The point is, there are plenty of things in your home you can get rid of, and breaking things down room by room is a good place to start planning. This also leads to another point when it comes to decluttering your home: the process.

Getting In The Decluttering Spirit

How do you make the decision as to what should stay and what should go? How do you find the courage to take that first step in throwing something away, and how do you remain motivated to stay the course as you part ways with the junk you’ve been holding onto for so long? Those are the pertinent questions, and what follows are the pertinent answers. We already mentioned going room by room to make the task of listing what you might need to get rid of more manageable. Another tactic you can employ is stating a specific decluttering goal you’d like to follow through on.

For instance, tell yourself, “I want the area around my couch to look nicer.” From there, you can survey that couch and identify the objects standing in your way. You might have unopened mail strewn about on that small table next to the couch. You might untouched books starting to pile up, or even Blu-Rays you’ll never watch forming into an unorganized collection nearby. Whatever it is, stating the goal first will go a long way towards identifying what has to go to make your decluttered dream a reality.

When deciding what you should toss, there are several metrics you can use. One is a six-month time rule: if you haven’t used it within that period, it’s probably time to get rid of it. For some, that standard is a bit much, though, so you might instead craft a utility scale, rating items on what use they have currently and the likely amount of use they will see in the future. Whatever you decide, you should set your own bar for determining what you should rid yourself of and stick to it to achieve results.

As for staying motivated, the benefits of having a cleaner space are enough for some. If that’s not enough for you, though, you can keep in mind that the items you do away with can be donated to those less fortunate, or sold to thrifts stores and consignment shops for a small bit of money. If the prospect of giving or earning still don’t light your cleaning fire, though, you might consider going at decluttering like it’s a personal challenge.

Do you have the fortitude, the resolve, dare we say, the gumption to declutter your home? If you’re feeling up to the task, there are a number of online challenges you can enroll in, like The 30-Day Decluttering Challenge or Nourishing Minimalism’s 2018 In 2018 that will test your ability to get the job done.

Remember, in the end, there’s no one set way you should go about decluttering your home, but hopefully, some of the suggestions here will set you on your path and keep you from feeling overwhelmed as you make an attempt to get things under control for 2018.

Getting In The Swing Of Cleaning At Hercules Apartments

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