Things to Do This Valentines in Hercules

Things to Do This Valentines in Hercules

It is coming down to that time of year. Yep, you called it: Valentine’s Day. That being said, often times, it is hard to come up with the perfect day for your beloved. While we want to show that special someone we care, sometimes, we may be strapped for cash or are in a new relationship in which big acts of romance may not be appropriate at this time.

What are some ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day while staying within budget and not overstepping boundaries? Read on to find out what you can do (and why you may want to consider apartments in Pinole CA.)

1. Go to a Romantic Restaurant

Go to one of Hercules’ romantic restaurants. Specifically, you may enjoy Leila By the Bay. Overall, the ambiance is gorgeous and the view is nice outside, which can set the mood for the day. (While Valentine’s Day does not fall on a Sunday, you can always also take them to Sunday Brunch—a second Valentine’s, so to speak.)

As far as the food and service goes, the staff is great and the food is good. Plates run around $11 to $30, which, depending on your situation may fit within your budget or be on the expensive side.

What makes Leila By the Bay stand out is that it is this hidden gem in the neighborhood, which makes it that much more romantic of a restaurant to go to.

2. Get Some Dessert

Valentine’s Day is a time for roses and, yes, desserts. After eating at Leila By the Bay, go get some dessert from Sunflower Bakery. Like Leila By the Bay, Sunflower Bakery is your typical neighborhood gem. Best of all are the caramel cakes and egg custard pie.

Even if you are full, a sweet here and there will satisfy that craving and can be that cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day.

3. Have a Picnic at The Park

Instead of dining in, why not grab some food to go and take it to the local park? Especially on a sunny Valentine’s Day, this can be a great romantic day well spent. Why not go to Refugio Valley Park, which is local and has lots of grass to spread a blanket out on? Or consider going to Shoreline Park, which is clean and scenic?

By having a picnic, you can not only eat but read a book, sunbathe, or have a great conversation.

4. See a Movie

Who doesn’t love a good movie and some popcorn? Spend your Valentine’s Day seeing a romantic movie at Century Richmond Hilltop 16. Consider seeing “Forever My Girl” or “Call Me by Your Name.”

Seeing a romantic movie with your partner can be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. You get to drift off into fantasy, hold hands, and have an insightful conversation about it afterward. If romantic movies are not you and your partner’s preference, go see a comedy or thriller movie instead. At the end of the day, this is your Valentine’s Day; do whatever floats your boat.

5. Watch the Sun Set

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent just eating at a restaurant or watching a movie. As we mentioned earlier, you can go a local park to watch the sunset or simply watch it from your backyard. As an added bonus, bring some hot tea in a thermos and a blanked so you can bundle up with your beloved and enjoy.

6. Go to An Arcade

Especially if you have a new relationship, spend Valentine’s Day with some fun by taking your new partner to an arcade. If you are in the Hercules area, consider going to High Scores Arcade. You can enjoy car racing and bowling with your beloved, and can look back at this fun time with fond memories.

7. Complement the Activity with a Gift

While this is not a specific thing to do, it is still important to mention. While going to an outing on Valentine’s Day can be fun and romantic, give your partner a gift as well to show that you love and care about him or her.

Find out what your partner’s love language is, and give him or her a gift that goes along with that. This could mean writing him or her a poem, buying flowers, or dancing with him or her. By putting yourself out there and choosing a gift that he or she would love—along with the outing—you demonstrate love and generosity.

Final Thoughts: Valentine’s Day—It’s the Little Things That Matter

All in all, Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate love with your special someone. You can have a big celebration—such as going to an expensive restaurant and buying your special someone jewelry. Or you can stick to the little things and sit with him or her with some tea as you both watch the sun set.

Overall, it comes down to what you both like. Use one, some, or all of these recommendations in order to make your Valentine’s Day that much more special. What has been your best Valentine’s Day? What are you planning to do for this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Do you have any more recommendations? Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below.

Considering Apartments in Pinole CA?

Valentine’s Day could be the step towards looking for apartments in Pinole CA? In which case, consider the Aventine. The Avenetine has floor plans ranging from one to three bedrooms. Amenities include the plaza, fitness studio, pet parlor, lobby lounge, clubroom terrace, the clubroom, and the library. In addition, residents can enjoy 10 to 14 feet high ceilings, bay windows, wood-style vinyl plank flooring, quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops modern cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances.

Whether you are actively looking for a place or have just started with your search, feel free to contact us and book your free tour today. And, while you are at it, check out our blog for more information about the Hercules area.

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