The Top Ranked Schools in Hercules, CA

The Top Ranked Schools in Hercules, CA

Those of us living in the best luxury apartments Hercules has to offer obviously want the most for our children as far as education is concerned. So, we are interested in knowing more about the various educational institutions available in Hercules, California; and we’d like to know which ones are the best, which ones are okay, and which ones might not be the greatest.

With that said, we will take a long and hard look at some of the public schools operating in Hercules. These educational institutions have their own reputations, where some are going to be more popular than others. The state of California has taken it upon themselves to rank the various schools based on a number of different factors. We will talk about these rankings, discuss why certain schools are better than others, and ultimately help you choose the right schools for your children.

More than likely, you’ll want to know the top ranked schools in Hercules, CA if you plan on moving into the area or currently live there. If your children are just about to start school, this information is incredibly important to you at this time in your life and the lives of your young and growing children. So let’s look closer at the best ranked schools in Hercules right now.

Hanna Ranch Elementary School

This excellent elementary school in Hercules, California – located at 2480 Refugio Valley Rd. – is definitely considered the top elementary school of its kind in this district. The school district in this part of Hercules is known as the West Contra Costa Unified district, so if you are in this particular school zone, it would definitely be worth it to send your youngsters to school at this amazing location.

What are some of the more important details to know about Hanna Ranch Elementary? For starters, this school is the perfect place for children looking to enter kindergarten. Plus their grades go all the way up to grade 5. Each one of the teachers working in this school is fully credentialed and has all the necessary qualifications needed to teach children of this age.

Unfortunately, many of the teachers are lacking in emergency credentials. In fact, it’s estimated that only 6% of the teachers have the ability to perform at the highest level in emergency situations. But, there are enough expert professionals on hand to help the teachers in a difficult time of crisis if one were ever to arise.

Next, the size of the classrooms is ideal for children with these ages. For kindergarten through grade 3, the class size is typically 26 students on average. For grades four through six, the class sizes get bigger since they are typically 33 students on average. It’s important to know that these class sizes are small enough where your young student will get the expert, detailed attention he or she deserves in order to do well in school and pass all of their courses.

In fact, it’s estimated that 41% of the students who graduated from Hanna Ranch Elementary actually ended up graduating from college with a degree. Another 24% received a partial college education, 12% even finished graduate school, and 21% have graduated from high school. The best number of all is that only 2% of the students who go to the school do not end up graduating from high school. So that’s something to think about and definitely a good reason why you’d want your child going to class at this excellent elementary school.

Hercules High School

Our second school in this city is Hercules High School, and out of all of the schools in California, it’s currently ranked seven out of 10, which means the school is definitely above average and worthy of your consideration.

We really like Hercules high school because it’s an excellent school with fully credentialed teachers. So if your child needs to go through grades nine through 12, this is definitely a good place for them to be.

Also, students that go to the school end up getting an excellent education. 30% of them will graduate high school. Another 26% well get some type of college education, even if they may not graduate. Another 32% of the people that go to the school will graduate college, and 7% will even finish graduate school. On the other side of the coin, just 5% of the students will not end up graduating high school, which if you ask us is an excellent track record for this educational institution.

Hercules Middle School

Our third school is called Hercules Middle School, and out of the schools we intended to look at closer, this is the worst of the bunch. It’s only rated five out of 10, which means it’s not a bad school, it’s just an average school at best. It isn’t going to win any awards at the end of the year, but your children will get a decent education if they go to class, focus, and buckle down on their studies.

As far as test scores are concerned, the school is ranked five out of 10 in the state of California. In the category academic progress, the school is ranked sixth out of 10, which is average but a little bit better. Unfortunately, the students in the school are below average with their English and math scores. While the state of California has a 49% average, the Hercules Middle School only has a 46% average with English scores. And math is even worse since the state of California has a 38% average and this middle school only has a 30% average.

All in all, it really isn’t a bad school at all. But it’s definitely not considered one of the best that Hercules has to offer. So definitely keep this in mind and if it really bothers you think about sending your kids to a different middle school or maybe even private school if you can afford.


As you can see, we’ve ranked the best schools in Hercules, CA. Some schools are better than others, so plan accordingly when it’s time for your young one to enter into the school system.

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