Hercules Is One of the Safest Cities in CA

Hercules Is One of the Safest Cities in CA

Thinking about moving to Berkeley apartment rentals in Hercules, CA? It’s definitely worth it to move here for a wide range of reasons, but if safety is one of the most important things to consider when moving to a new place, then you’re in luck because this city is considered one of the safest in California.

California is made up of 58 counties and 482 municipalities including towns, villages, cities and more. Out of the 482 places to live, Hercules is currently ranked 60th as far as the safest cities are concerned. Hopefully you realize that being ranked 60th is an actual honor because it’s part of the top 12% of safest cities in the entire state of California, which definitely great and a big reason to consider moving to this gorgeous city.

To help you better understand why Hercules is so safe, we’d like to discuss some of the figures and numbers to help you see why safety is such a high priority in this community. With that in mind, we will share this valuable information with you below, so stick around to find out the truth if you’re thinking about moving into a private house, luxury apartment, or anything in between.

Ballpark Estimates of Hercules, CA Safety Statistics

As is the theme of this article, one of the best reasons to live in Hercules is the low crime rates. Recently, The Patch put out the 2017 list of safest cities in California, and Hercules made the list at #60.

SafeWise developed a methodology where they review crime reports from the FBI and match it up to statistics and other population data. Ultimately, when they tally up this data, they are looking to discover how much property crime and violent crime is taking place in one particular area. So this data is very valuable to those looking to relocate to another section of California. You can use this info to discover the lowest crime rates in communities throughout the Golden State.

Ultimately, when you look at the national average of crimes throughout the entire United States of America, there are nearly 29 crimes permitted per every 1000 people. Now you can compare that with the 50 safest cities in California, whereas there are only 13 crimes reported per 1000 people. Since Hercules is ranked #60, you can estimate that this city has roughly 13.1 or 13.2 crimes per 1000 people reported, which is an excellent figure since this beautiful place offers many other reasons why you’d want to live in this wonderful city.

According to Area Vibes crime statistics for Hercules, CA, the city had a total of 1743 incidences reported in 2017. There were 4murders, zero incidences of rape, 43 robberies, 161 assaults, which comes to a total of 208 violent crimes. Property crimes were 1535 in total, and consisted of 290 burglaries, 1041 thefts, and 204 vehicle thefts.

All in all, Hercules California is definitely considered a very safe place. There are many other reasons why you may want to move to this community, but one of the biggest that should definitely be on your mind is the low crime in the area.

Remember, this is a relatively large city with 2016 estimates from the United States Census Bureau concluding that 25,360 people live in the area. With that many people and this little crime, it’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to live in Hercules. But if you need other reasons why you may want to move to this exciting city, we’ll tell you about a few below to help you make your decision.

Other Reasons to Live in Hercules, CA

Besides the fact that Hercules is one of the safest cities in California, there are other reasons to consider moving to this wonderful place.

For starters, the school system is phenomenal. The teachers in this community really care about the students and do an excellent job educating them. Plus the schools in this area have received awards and lots of respect in the world of education. So parents should feel good knowing that their kids are going to be in a well-respected school system that many other parents are clamoring to get their kids into.

Second, fine dining is also in plentiful supply in this excellent community. They have food available no matter what your tastes and favorite food types happen to be. If you’re into Chinese food, as an example, there are definitely a number of great options Including Dragon Terrace, Willow Garden, and China House Restaurant.

Italian food is also a big hit in the area. Some of the top Italian restaurants to try and Hercules include Familia Italian Restaurant, Four Corners Pizza and Pasta, Zio’s Pasta Pronto, and Warrior NY Pizza to name a few outstanding options.

French restaurants are also in plentiful supply. Some of the most notable in the vicinity in the Berkeley area include La Note, Rendezvous Café Bistro, Julia’s Restaurant, Chez Panisse and many others.

And best of all, there are plenty of recreational activities to take advantage of as well at different times of year. Since the weather is always gorgeous and sunny, you can do lots of things outside or indoors if you prefer. There’s Yoga, Table Tennis, Jazzercise, Karate, and other outdoor activities that you might prefer.

Best of all, the luxury apartment living in this community is second to none. We’ll tell you about our favorite luxury apartment community below.

Experience Posh Living to the Fullest in Berkeley Apartment Rentals

Aventine apartments are a great place to live in the Berkeley/Hercules area. According to their website, “Contemporary coastal meets comfortable living at Aventine. These new apartment homes have been thoroughly designed with spacious living areas, modern interiors and hotel-style amenities for easy living inside and out. A commuter’s paradise with easy access to Bart and Freeway 80. Commuting to San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley has never been easier.”

So if luxury living is your cup of tea, please consider visiting Aventine apartments to find out more about this swanky paradise.

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