Top Summer Activities in Hercules, CA

Top Summer Activities in Hercules, CA

The weather is warming up and summer is practically right around the corner. When living in Berkeley CA rentals, you obviously want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and experience the world from time to time.

We spend too much time in front of computer screens, tablets, phones, and other digital devices. We have to get out and enjoy the summer, take in the fresh air, experience the outdoors, and have a little fun every once in a while too.

The city of Hercules has an excellent website to say the least. On the site, they share information about parks and recreation activities in their 2018 summer activity guide, which is now available. To help you understand exactly what you can do this year, we will talk about the adult programs, aquatics, day trips and extended trips, senior center programs, programs for six years old and under, summer camps, teen youth programs, and so much more.

With that said, let’s dive into the specific details in greater detail below.

Hercules Summer Adult Programs

As far as adult programs are concerned, there’s plenty to do as an adult if you’re looking to get some exercise or spend time outdoors. While many of the activities take place in a gym or a classroom, they are still healthy forms of exercise that will allow you to get up out of your chair, get fit, get your blood pumping again, and hopefully help you get back into shape.

The Hercules Parks and Recreation department also has educational courses and training programs that you can take online. Some of their online training courses include arts and design, business, computer applications, computer programming, construction and trades, health and fitness, hospitality, and information technology.

And the shorter six week classes include college readiness, personal development, accounting and finance, technology, language and arts, teaching and education, design and composition, computer applications, business, and more.

But if you’re really here because you’re looking to get some exercising in and you’d like to also exercise your creativity, you can take some of the adult led summer programs that focus on health and exercise including table tennis, Zumba, Zumba passes, karate, Jazzercise, oil painting, and open gym volleyball and basketball games.

Check out this document to find out the specifics about the individual programs mentioned today.

Hercules Summer Aquatics

There’s plenty to do for kids and adults this summer if you like to go swimming. The Hercules swim center on Refugio Valley Road is open to the public all summer long as long as you have a swim pass.

You can get a 10 visit swim pass or a 25 visits swim pass. If you are a resident, an adult will pay $40 for the 10 visit swim pass and youths pay $30. Nonresident adults must pay $50 and youths must pay $40.

For a 25 visits swim pass, adult residents are required to pay $100 and youths must pay $75. Adult nonresidents must pay $125 and youths $100.

At the swimming pool, you are allowed to swim recreationally at certain times of the day. There is also lap swimming and water walking, two different swim teams for children ages 5 to 18, and they even offer group swimming lessons or private lessons.

If you plan on throwing a party here this year, you could rent the pool and still have it open to the public or you can ask for a private pool rental. Obviously it’s going to cost more if you ask for a private pool rental where only you and your guests will be allowed to use the pool during that time.

Find out more about summer aquatic activities in Hercules by clicking here.

Day Trips & Extended Trips in Hercules

Hercules is also hosting a number of different day trips and extended trips for residents who’d like to participate. These trips usually make for a fun and interesting time.

The day trips this year are as follows: Vacaville Outlets, Membership Drive & Pancake Breakfast, and the Black Mine Tour. And the extended trips include: Colorado Rockies, Rails & Western National Parks, Niagara Falls & Heritage Highlights, Albuquerque Ballroom Fiesta, Music Cities Christmas Featuring Branson, Memphis, and Nashville, and a New Orleans Holiday.

To learn greater details about these trips, find out more by clicking here.

Senior Center Programs

The Hercules Senior Center offers a wide array of programs for senior citizens looking to spend time with groups of people. It’s definitely good to get out of the house for a little while, so you may want to participate in any one of the weekly activities we’re about to share below.

Some popular senior center activities include: advance tai chi, art class, bingo, card club group, Chi Kong, computer lab, produce distribution, goodie store, lehua hula dance, line dancing, low-impact exercise, Meals on Wheels, tai chi, tap, Yuen Ji and dance, Zumba drop in, and other activities.

Free senior citizen services include access to an advice nurse, blood pressure checks, the community produce program, and health insurance counseling for the elderly and legal consultations for wills and trusts.

Discover more senior center activities in greater detail by clicking here.

Other Programs and Events

The city of Hercules also offers six & under programs, summer camps and programs, and youth and teen programs. The teens seem to love the basketball league and the basketball basic skills clinic. The six and under program children love playing soccer and the little dragons programs. And of the summer camp friends appreciate the Summer Breakfast Club, Camp Dynamite, Animal Cartoon Drawing, and American Girls and Dolls.

Experience an Amazing Summer Filled with Outdoor Activities While Living in Berkeley CA Rentals

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