How to Find Your Holiday Decorating Style

How to Find Your Holiday Decorating Style

As 2018 winds down to a close, the holidays will be here before you know it. With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, those living in the Hercules CA apartments will soon be decorating their homes with shimmering lights and wreaths. How will you decorate your home this year?

Did you know that there are multiple holiday decorating styles? If you’re tired of the same old same old, then it might be time to spruce up your home with new an entirely new theme for decorations. There are twelve unique styles to choose from, each with a unifying theme. Here’s how to find your holiday decorating style.

White As Snow

The first decorating style is an incredibly popular one, focusing around the color white. Fake snow, white tablecloths, and clear LED string lights are core essentials that comprise this decadent look. Creams also make an appearance, with every color accented by spruce and other greens.

Creating this look is simple thanks to the plethora of white decorations available in nearly every store. Simply replace all of your red decorations with white ones, like poinsettias, and you’re ready for the holidays.

The Classic

Traditional holiday colors are red and green, with red acting as the central point that ties everything together. This tasteful, classic decorating style is comprised of mostly fabrics and stockings, but you can find red holiday décor in a variety of forms.

Red candles, bulbs, and stockings add the perfect touch to your existing decorations. Not only does this style scream, “It’s the holiday season!” but it also adds a cozy, warm feeling to any space.


Often used in combination with the classic style, an older sense of fashion looks like the traditional idea of a sparkling Christmas tree. Greens, reds, whites, and gold combine to dazzle your guests with color and illuminate your home.

Beaded garlands, glass ornaments, and string lights aren’t just for the tree, either. You can weave these elements into every decorative space possible. The more, the merrier.

Living Greens

Winter evergreens are a staple of the holiday season from Christmas trees to decorative wreaths, and this style plays on their lively appearance to create a simple yet impactful decorating style. To pull this look off, all you have to do is carefully place a variety of plants from spruce to sage around your home.

This style also looks wonderful outside of the holiday season. Since the theme is simply winter, you can keep your greens around from November to March without changing a thing. Best of all, this is the easiest way to decorate any home.


The idea of green and white décor comes from the Scandinavian style of holiday decorating. While it is similar to a white decorating style, this form separates itself with a refined look and rich contrast. Every element should create a color play with white, and all aspects should focus on illumination.

You could decorate the fireplace, create a candle display on the dining room table, or work with existing lighting in your home as you add lively greens, white cloth, and gold elements to each. Think shimmering lights against soft winter snow, and that’s the

Pretty in Pink

Non-traditional, light-hearted, and delightfully chic, switching out reds for pinks this holiday season is trendy decorating style that’s guaranteed to liven the room. As with most themes on this list, pink is also accentuated when paired with white, but don’t be afraid to throw a few other complimenting colors into the mix.

Incorporating pink is simple. Use as many fabrics as possible from your curtain skirts to bows in your wreaths. Flowers are also an excellent addition to any arrangement.

Simple, Yet Stylish

If you enjoy minimalistic looks, then this holiday decorating style is for you. While most commonly found in country-style homes, you can incorporate this look into any contemporary setting. The goal is to keep your clutter and décor to a minimum while still invoking the spirit of the holidays.

People often use trees with barer branches, a single wreath somewhere in the home, and rarely set up string lights or any other sitting displays. Remember, less is more.

Say It with Gold

Gold is an often unthought of holiday color, but it is within the palette. Several choose to use gold as the backdrop for various other color options like living greens and white cloths. If gold is your style, simply add as much of it as possible to your decorating this year. There’s no such thing as too much.

The Everything Bagel

Alright, there are no bagels in this holiday decorating style, but it does incorporate as many colors as possible into one. If you want something lighthearted, fun, and as joyous as can be, then then this is your style. Feel free to add any color you want into the mix from decorations on your tree to wreaths and tabletops. Pinks, blues, yellows and more are all fair game.

Going Overboard

This unique style is less about clutter and more about adding numerous items that borrow themes from French country, industrial, and regal stylings. Feathers, golden trim on lamps, shimmering silver teapots and more can all fall under the umbrella of this eclectic décor.

It isn’t uncommon to see a chandelier topping a Christmas tree or framed pictures as ornaments in this style. Free yourself from limitations, and the sky is the limit when decorating for the holidays.

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