10 Best Selling Black Friday Gift Ideas

10 Best Selling Black Friday Gift Ideas

Black Friday is almost here, which means now is the time to plan out your shopping list for this hectic event. From your Oakland apartment, you have access to a wide range of stores featuring incredible deals on the best-selling items of 2018. Here are ten of the most popular gift ideas right now.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

There are several home assistants on the market, but Amazon’s Alexa remains the most popular option for those making their foray into the world smart home devices. The Echo Dot is the company’s compact version of the Echo, equipped with the same capabilities minus the upgraded speaker system. Owners can check the weather, play music, and take advantage of Alexa’s 50,000+ skills to make daily life a little easier.

Brand new, the 3rd generation (Amazon’s latest model) costs a penny shy of $50, but you can expect incredible sales and bundles from the company during Cyber Monday as well as deals from retailers like Best Buy on Black Friday.

2. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender

Whether you’re buying for the health conscious or someone who simply loves a good smoothie, the Nutri Ninja is an excellent option. Its high speeds allow it to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, while the Auto-iQ base offers the benefit of unique blending patterns. The base remembers user’s preferences, allowing it to follow a variety of specific blending patterns to create the perfect smoothie each time.

3. Headphones

Headphones are highly versatile, allowing you to buy for gamers, professionals in an office setting, and music fanatics alike. The only trick to purchasing this gift is ensuring the connections work for the intended purpose. A PC headset isn’t going to connect to an Xbox One console, for instance. With hundreds of models going on sale this year, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

4. Streaming Device

Cable is quickly becoming outdated as streaming services enter homes across the world. One of the best gifts you can pick up this Black Friday is a way for your family and friends to ditch their cable bill for a cheaper, better alternative.

There are numerous streaming devices that allow anyone to watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and more. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a popular option, and it works in tandem with any Alexa-enabled device. Roku devices are equally as popular. The price for each varies by model, but you’ll find deals on just about everything this year.

5. Game Console

Families and avid gamers alike always have their eyes on the latest consoles from Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. Doubling as home entertainment systems, this versatile gift is an easy way to please multiple people on your list. Consoles always go on sale during Black Friday, giving you the chance to pick one up for a fraction of the cost. Expect to see the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, and the PlayStation 4 Slim at record low prices.

6. Video Games

If the recipient of your gifts this holiday already has the latest console, then the next best thing is a video game to go with it. You can often find Game of the Year Editions (featuring additional content) on sale during Black Friday, giving you the perfect chance to gift hours of fun and excitement at a low price.

7. Smart Phone

Who doesn’t love a new phone? If you know the individual’s phone provider, then picking out an upgrade is simple. Both new and previous models often go on sale for Black Friday. Some of the top ones to look for are:

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • iPhone XS and XR
  • Google Pixel 3
  • and the LG v40 ThinQ

8. Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum

A vacuum might not sound like the coolest gift idea out there, but this cord-free model is an incredibly popular option that’s perfect for studio apartments and single-family homes alike. With a lightweight construction and 20 minutes of continuous suction, this nifty device makes cleaning any area of your home a breeze. A wall charger and attachments also add to the versatility and ease-of-use of this vacuum.

9. Kitchenware

One area of the home that many people neglect to upgrade is their kitchenware, which makes this category an excellent Black Friday gift option. New pots and pans from coveted lines like Rachael Ray can inspire the inner-chef in anyone while cutting down on cleaning time afterward. Cuisinart and Paula Deen are also incredibly popular sets this year.

Another popular option is a new set of utensils. Knife and kitchenware sets make perfect gifts for anyone who has moved into a new home or could simply use some fresh, clean utensils. Finally, Rubbermaid and similar containers are always a welcome replacement to stained, old containers.

10. Active Lifestyle Items

This category is enormous, containing all sorts of items from workout equipment to fitness trackers that anyone can find useful. Compression sleeves, weight bands, and Bluetooth earbuds are popular options for those working out at home as well as runners. A pack of silicone wedding bands is an excellent gift for the adventurous couple, while a smart water bottle or sports towel can be enjoyed by anyone.

The ultimate item in this category, though, is the FitBit. It comes in several varieties, each with a different set of capabilities. There are simple heart-rate monitors as well as fully-equipped smart watches. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on the Blaze, Charge 3, and Ionic.

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