Top 10 Holiday Movies of All Time

Top 10 Holiday Movies of All Time

Binge-watching holiday movies is an American pastime in December. From the comfort of Berkeley CA rentals, you can enjoy these top-rated classics leading up to the New Year. Make sure to add these films to your essential holiday watching list.

10. Jingle All The Way

Before he was California’s governor and after Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred alongside Sinbad in this instant holiday classic. The duo play competing fathers who desperately need a Turbo-Man action figure for their sons to make up for their absence due to hectic work schedules. Numerous fights, chases, and insanity ensue as the fathers fight to find an almost sold out toy on Christmas Eve.

As funny as this movie is, it's also heartwarming. In a twist ending, Both Schwarzenegger’s character and his son realize the true meaning of the holiday season. Also, you’ll want to fast forward through the credits for one final joke.

9. Scrooged

Circa 1980’s Bill Murray can’t be beat, and what could be better than this stellar comedian playing the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge? This holiday film takes a slightly different approach to the iconic A Christmas Carol, swapping the role of Scrooge with a man named Frank Cross. This monstrous business tycoon is equally as cold-hearted to those employed in his company.

Cross is visited by the ghost of his mentor, Lew Hayward, who died a lonely man. Lew warns Cross that three more ghosts (Past, Present, and Future) will appear to help him avoid the same fate. Is it too late for this Scrooge-like miser, or will he see the error of his ways before a disgruntled employee seeks revenge?

8. Bad Santa

This raunchy comedy stars Billy Bob Thornton as Willie, an alcoholic mall Santa/thief. He and his partner, played by Tony Cox, take on this yearly gig in order to rob malls of money and merchandise. Willie’s alcoholism is getting the better of him, making their heist a difficult one this year.

While playing Santa, Willie meets a young boy who thinks that he’s the real deal. The two form a friendship as the boy helps Willie realize there’s more to life than drinking, women, and stealing. With plenty of hilarity and a heartwarming ending, this movie earns its spot on the top holiday film list.

7. The Santa Clause

Funny man Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, a successful toy salesman who is a little upset that his ex-wife and her new husband are actively trying to convince his son that Santa isn’t real. After tucking his son into bed one night, the two are awoken by footsteps on the roof. Believing it is a thief, Calvin heads up to confront the noisemaker only to find that it is Santa himself.

Unfortunately, Calvin startles Santa and causes him to fall off the roof. A series of events take place that make Calvin the new Santa Clause, which causes his ex-wife to think he’s crazy. She successfully petitions a judge to revoke his visitation rights to their son. Now, Charlie must convince his broken family that he is in fact the real Santa while sticking to his tight Christmas schedule.

6. Love Actually

This star-studded film features larger than life names like Kiera Knightley, Liam Neeson, and Andrew Lincoln. The story follows a series of events surrounding numerous individuals and their relationships as it explores friendship, romance, family bonds and professional ties. Of course, relationships aren’t always that simple.

While each story is a unique, stand-alone tale, all of the characters share a relationship with one another in some form. Ultimately, the meaning behind this holiday-time romantic comedy is that love is an unrefined, uncontrollable human emotion that is both complicated and simple at the same time. This message is seen in the beginning and end of the film through the real-life Heathrow Airport, where individuals reunite with one another as passengers get off their flights.

5. Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon is known for their insanely memorable, goofy 80’s comedies. With Chevy Chase at the helm of these films, they instantly became classics in their genre. Christmas Vacation centers around the Griswold family once more as they decide to get a Christmas tree, which turns entire to an enormous debacle.

After the tree arrives back home, the Griswold’s family begin arriving for the holidays. It’s a hilarious take on dealing with family that hits home while cracking your funny bone with over-the-top scenarios. This feel-good holiday comedy is a solid viewing choice when having friends over or spending time with your family members.

4. Elf

Will Ferrell plays a human raised by elves in the North Pole who doesn’t quite fit in as he gets older. When he discovers he isn’t an elf, he decides to travel to New York to find his real father. Unfortunately, his dad is an uptight corporate miser.

The two clash as Ferrell’s ridiculous antics drive his father to the brink of insanity. Ultimately, everyone discovers the true meaning of the season when Santa needs their help. This instant classic is as funny as it is heartwarming, and a must-see if you’ve never watched the film.

3. Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin is accidentally left home alone for Christmas, unbeknownst to two robbers who have been eyeing up his family’s house. The child actor uses his superb wits and household items to booby trap his house. Can one kid really outsmart two professional thieves?

2. It’s A Wonderful Life

Often considered the number one holiday movie of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life centers around a troubled man named George Bailey. A long life of sacrifice and a crumbling business leave him standing on a bridge, contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve.

Seeing his plight, a rookie angel is sent down to save George in order to earn its wings. The angles shows George what people’s lives would be like had he never been born, which holds drastic consequences for dozens. Upon revoking his death wish, George is reunited with his family in an all’s-well-that-ends-well closing. The angel, of course, gets his wings.

1. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is based on the semi-fictional anecdotes of Jean Shepherd. Ralphie Parker, a young boy in the early 40’s, narrates the tale of a Christmas when all he wants was a Red Ryber Carbine air rifle as a present. Unfortunately, everyone he tells warns him that he’ll shoot his eye out.

In a series of vignettes, Ralphie’s tells multiple stories surrounding that holiday that ultimately lead to him getting the gift he wanted. It’s a hilarious tale with dark undertones and a warm, nostalgic feel that have earned the number one spot on numerous holiday movie lists.

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