Your Guide to the Chinatown Lunar New Year

Your Guide to the Chinatown Lunar New Year

The Bay Area is vibrant hub of diverse cultures who all bring a unique flavor to the table. One excellent example is Oakland’s Chinatown, who host their Lunar New Year celebration for all to attend. From the apartments for rent in Oakland CA, you can walk straight to this spectacular event.

Date, Time, and Location

The Lunar New Year celebration will be held on January 26th and 27th this year. You can catch the festivities in the heart of Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood on 9th and Franklin Streets at the Pacific Renaissance Plaza. The festival begins at 10 a.m. and lasts until 5 p.m. on both days. Live entertainment takes place in the plaza’s courtyard at the stage, which is located at 388 9th Street.

The event is free to attend. Make sure to bring some cash for food and any souvenirs you might want to buy, however. There will be plenty of food vendors serving delicious, must-try regional cuisine.

What to Expect

Chinatown’s Lunar New Year features various vendors selling traditional decorations for this lunar year’s animal, the boar. Flowers, gifts, candies and other fun items will also be available from sellers on the streets. While you’re browsing their wares, enjoy the sounds of traditional Chinese cultural music filling the air.

Nearby the vendors, you’ll find ample amounts of live entertainment taking place on raised stages. Dragon and lion dancing, where performers dress in traditional Chinese outfits, are a large part of this festival. You can also expect to see live martial arts performances, dancing, and various forms of cultural entertainment by live performers.

Finally, the Oakland Chinatown Lions Club will present a “Little Prince and Princess” contest where children dress in their fanciest attire from white tuxedos to sparkling red dresses. It’s a cute show you won’t want to miss.

Significance of the Boar

The past two lunar cycles haven’t been fantastic, but the Chinese believe that the Year of the Boar is set to turn things around. Predictions will take place for the 2019 year once the ceremony is over, but there’s a lot to know about the Boar sign before then.

Chinese Zodiac signs are similar in nature to the ones used elsewhere in the world. A person’s birth date associates them with a sign, and that sign comes with specific traits that are thought to influence personality and destiny. This ideology dates back to the Han dynasty, perhaps earlier, with the animals gaining their traits from an ancient folk story about a race involving all of the animals.

The Boar represents wealth and generosity. It is an ethical and idealistic sign filled with social awareness. It is believed that the more compatible a person is with the Boar, the better their year will be and the easier they will achieve their goals.

Those born under the sign are considered to be reserved, making it hard for them to trust someone. Once boars make a deeper connection, however, they prove to be excellent friends and fantastic business partners. Boars love to spend their time relaxing whenever possible. They also seek out loyal and trusting friends during their lifetime.

This year also contains the Yin Earth character. It is represented by any type of soil, showing its purpose to nurture and help things grow. It is thought that individuals under this affinity are exceptional at guiding others while developing their positive traits. Combined, these two symbols bring great promise for a positive year.

Cultural Significance

You will see a lot of red decorations for the Lunar New Year, which date back to ancient tales and legends. According to lore, the Chinese New Year began when a creature called the Nian began attacking villagers. It would arrive and eat them, with no one knowing how to stop the beast.

One year, all of the villagers chose to hide from the Nian until an old man appeared with a plan. No one believed that this old man could exact revenge on the monster, mocking him as he placed red papers around the village and set off firecrackers. To their surprise, they emerged the next day to find their town intact and the old man gone.

They believed he was a deity who came to show them how to fend off the Nian. From then on, the villagers wore red close, hung red decorations, and set off fireworks around New Year to scare the beast away. Frightened by the colors and loud sounds, the Nian never returned. It is said that the creature was capture by an ancient Taoist monk and exiled to a mountain, but the name of that mountain was lost over the years.

Regardless of how this tradition came about, the color red and fireworks are synonymous with the Chinese New Year. These centuries old traditions are still strongly practiced throughout China and Chinese communities today. While there might not be anyone fireworks in Oakland, you probably don’t have to worry about the Nian showing up.

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