You Won’t Want to Miss the Black Joy Parade

You Won’t Want to Miss the Black Joy Parade

Who doesn’t love a good parade? If you’re looking for a chance to get out of the Berkeley apartment rentals for a day to see some sights and enjoy an inclusive celebration, the 2nd Annual Black Joy Parade should be near the top of your February list. Floats, fun, vendors, and more await, so if this sounds like your kind of event, keep reading to get the scoop on everything you’ll need to know about the parade before you head down to Oakland on February 24th.

What Is the Black Joy Parade?

The parade part of this event should already be apparent, seeing as it’s right in the title. As a part of the parade, there will be a rather robust procession, covering some 8 blocks through the streets of Oakland. It all kicks off at 12:30 on February 24th, at the corner of 14th Street and Harrison Street. From there, participants will be making their way to the corner of Broadway and 20th Street, where the parade will end. It’s expected to be colorful, to be positive, and most of all, to be a highly imaginative display. It’s all part of the spirit of this event — to be creative. The organizers have made it no secret they want participants to express themselves to the fullest:

“There is no limit to what you can create! We encourage participants to bring their unique flavor of Black Joy from floats and marching bands, to costumes, dance, art and more. Be creative. Be positive. Be energetic and free!”

And while being creative is it’s own reward, there’s a little extra riding on doing so for the Black Joy Parade, as there’s also a “Best of Flow” award on the line and a significant prize attached:

“A committee made up of local Black community members will grant a total of $10k to organizations, individuals and groups who bring the most creativity and joy to the parade procession, so that they can continue to spread joy all year long.”

So, the way the prize works is that $10,000 sum will be divided evenly among the winners of four separate categories (resulting in $2,500 a piece). Those categories, if you were curious, are:

  1. Best Choreography — There will be dancers, steppers, movers, and shakers at the parade, and the ones with the most intriguing motions will see themselves rewarded.
  2. Best Outfit — Fairly self-explanatory; he/she who has the best duds takes home this particular accolade. Bonus points for being creative.
  3. Best Ride — The modes of transportation you’ll see at the parade will be numerous; each will express their rider’s personality in some degree, and may the best ride win.
  4. Best Overall — This award is for the hands down most creative individual or group at the whole parade. Chances are, you’ll know them when you see them.
    1. As long as you’re an officially registered participant for the parade and you complete the entire route, you’re eligible for the award categories. If you’re thinking about attending and want to get involved, be sure you register yourself first, and study the parade route so you know where you’ll need to go on the big day.

      As exciting as the parade will surely be, remember that this event isn’t just about the procession. Afterwards is the celebration and the chance to check out the 11+ performers and 79+ vendors that will be in attendance. In regards to the former, the spotlight will be on local talent, representing the likes of musicians, rappers, poets, and the like. As the for the vendors, there will be an emphasis on Black art, crafts, food and wine vendors, as well as non-profits and community services. It’ll be a chance to explore some truly ingenious offerings from very creative local talent.

      Who’s Involved?

      The Black Joy Parade was founded by Elisha Greenwell, and brought to fruition by the rather talented team she helped assemble. Sure, the organization has its share of sponsors and partners, but it was the vision of this core group that truly helped this cause take off. Their mission? You’ll find it’s a rather straightforward proposition:

      “To provide the Black community and allies a live experience that celebrates our influence on cultures past, present and future.”

      In that respect, the Black Joy Parade has hit the target with unparalleled accuracy, as the inaugural parade was a resounding success. It drew some 14,000 people to the streets of Oakland in celebration, and the 2nd iteration of this event is sure to be just as lively and populated as the 1st. Be sure to attend and show your support.

      Anything Else I Should Know?

      In addition to being a welcoming event that encourages turnout from all who are interested, the Back Joy Parade is also welcoming of volunteers who wish to lend their skills to ensuring the event is a success. They’ll need help with organizing parade participants, monitoring the parade route, manning the information booth, and managing performers set to take the stage. If you’re interested in lending a hand, be sure to check out the volunteer registration form when you have the chance to do so. If you have any additional questions about the parade, you can also check out the FAQ to learn more about particulars so you’ll be well prepared for the big show!

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