Celebrate Oakland Art Month

Celebrate Oakland Art Month

Another year, and another installment of the famous Art Month is coming near the Oakland apartment rentals. This town is well-known for its lively and passionate creative community, and Oakland Art Month is the perfect encapsulation of that powerful East Bay energy: “The entire month of May is dedicated to promoting events, performances, and shows that highlight the diversity of artists and work created in Oakland. The Town has long been home to innovators, creatives, and artists and Visit Oakland invites visitors and locals alike to explore new types of art or revisit old favorites.”

This will be a chance for you to enjoy some riveting public events, see some powerful creative work, and discover new artists to follow and support well into the future, and it’s coming up fast. Today, we’ll be filling you in on everything you need to know to have a blast during Oakland Art Month and learn more about the city’s amazing creative legacy.

What Is Oakland Art Month?

Taking place over the entire month of May, this year’s is the second iteration of Oakland Art Month, an event designed to highlight the city’s cultural and creative diversity with an array of events, performances, shows, and, of course, great artwork. This year will revolve around the theme of “Belonging,” a testament to Oakland’s welcoming nature and the broad range of various peoples who call the city home, says the CEO of Visit Oakland, Mark Everton:

“Our vibrant city reflects the mosaic of cultures and people who live and work here, which contributes to an abundance of art forms and experiences here in Oakland. We’re excited to highlight Oakland’s diverse art scene and the city’s creative community to visitors and locals alike.”

As a part of this goal, they’ll be turning the spotlight on several artforms that are heavily practiced within Oakland, along with a few specific artists who exemplify Oakland’s hefty creative presence. Let’s take a look at some of the details, shall we?

What Arts Is Oakland Known For?

When it comes to the arts, Oakland has most of them covered, and you’ll be able to see them represented in a wide range of forms through the city’s dedicated local artists. Dance, for instance, has always had a home among the streets of Oakland, and you’ll see it expressed thoroughly over the course of art month. This includes:

  • Turfing — A local form of dance created in the early 2000’s with the aim of highlighting social issues in the community. This is purely Oakland form of expression, exemplified by many a street performer commonly seen around town.
  • The Axis Dance Company — A melded group of both disabled and able-bodied performers, known for their stellar technique, stunning choreography, and emphasis on social advocacy.
  • BANDALOOP — The pioneers of “vertical dance” were founded in Oakland back in 1991, and to this day continue to amaze with their mixture of tricky choreography and amazing climbing theatrics in stunning public displays.
  • The Oakland Ballet Company — The ballet is an artform that stretches back centuries, and the Oakland Ballet Company has been representing the East Bay’s contribution to this classic form of expression for more than fifty years.
  • SambaFunk! — On a mission to “preserve, connect and present African Diaspora culture,” SambaFunk! Brings together a various forms of music, art, and dance to underserved communities of color while simultaneously aiding them in combating severe health issues.

Music and the Theater are also woven into Oakland’s art scene, and you’re invited to check out any of the many venues dedicated to these pursuits over the course of Art Month. As for specific artists being featured during May, you’ll definitely want to check out Omid Zoufonoun, the Youth Orchestra conductor for the Oakland Symphony, and an accomplished guitarist and composer in his own right.

Continuing to explore Oaklands contributions to the arts, you’ll want to stay aware that the city is famed for its expressive murals, which you’ll find all around town. The Mural Map will key you into specific locations, and you can also check out some of the organizations that are doing their part to help keep these beautiful works of street art alive and kicking.

Any Special Events?

There are a great many events going on during Oakland Art Month, and you should [check the calendar](Continuing to explore Oaklands contributions to the arts, you’ll want to stay aware that the city is famed for its expressive murals, which you’ll find all around town. The Mural Map will key you into specific locations, and you can also check out some of the organizations that are doing their part to pinpoint those that will be most appealing to you. For a general overview, though, here’s a list of a few fan favorites, in no particular order, that are coming up:

  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Bay Area Dance Week
  • Bodies
  • The Beat-Generation Art Exhibit
  • California Modern
  • Black Dance in Louisiana
  • The Queer California Film Series
  • The Indigenous Red Market
  • The Art & Wine Festival
  • The Armenian Food Festival
  • The Oakland Greek Festival
  • The Asian American Media Film Festival

And there’s more where that came from too. Artists will be holding open studio sessions, the ballet will be in full swing, showing off their impressive moves, the Symphony is doing a few sets, Art Walks around town are in the works, and there’s even a hip-hop conference slated to occur. This is going to be a May to remember, for certain, so be sure to keep your schedule as clear as you can so you can stop by and check out what wonders await during riveting Oakland Art Month.

The Fun Intensifies Around the Oakland Apartment Rentals

It should come as no surprise that Oakland is such a live and happening place to call home, and that amazing communities like Aventine allow you to enjoy the best of its offerings along with an idyllic, coastal California setting. Positioned right on the San Pablo Bay, you’ll get to experience the luxury and quiet this area is known for, while still being close enough to enjoy the wealth of other opportunities that have brought the East Bay worldwide acclaim. This is life as you were meant to live it; check out what Aventine has to offer, and welcome to your new home by The Bay.

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