Top dining spots in Hercules

Top dining spots in Hercules

Head north from Berkeley California, and you'll soon hit Hercules, a small but scenic bayside community with about 25,000 residents. At first glance, you might think you have it all figured out: a sleepy little town, transformed from its industrial past into a quaint coastal enclave without much in the way of things to do. Didn't your parents tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

There's actually plenty to experience in Hercules, and one thing you're almost certain to be surprised by is the wealth of dining options available here. We dare say, they're enough to make you want to move in, or at least rent an apartment in nearby Berkeley, CA so you can stop by to grab a bite to eat.

The Best Places To Eat In Hercules

Still skeptical that a place like Hercules could be home to top-tier dining experiences? In a way, that's understandable. When you first lay your eyes on Hercules, you'll be met with distinct impression that you're in your average bedroom community. No surprise there, as Hercules started out as a small manufacturing town, a major producer of TNT, and slowly grew from there. Some of the old buildings are still in existence, and nothing about the area, visually at least, screams that you'll be treated to the same level of cuisine that you might find in a big city like San Francisco.

Take a closer look, though, and you'll find that your first impressions were off the mark. We'll begin our food tour at Won Thai Cuisine; a family owned establishment, famed for their diverse menu. Fans of the usual Thai standouts will be impressed by the Pad-Thai and various fried rice dishes. Those that like a bit more kick to their meal might salivate over the five different curry offerings. They've even got vegetarian options for those that have excised meat from their diets. A quick look at some of their customer reviews reveals that the clientele likes what they're doing:

"One of the great Thai restaurants in the US. Certainly is the cheapest! Fantastic food and great service. If you like Thai, you need to check it out."

Next up, we'll take a look at Cabalen. Hercules might not be the first place you'd look for quality Filipino cuisine, but they have it all the same. Cabalen prides themselves on delivering the most delicious options straight from the Pampanga region of the Philippines, prepared with traditional consistency and never cutting corners. Their fish is one of the standout options, usually grilled and dipped in fine sauces. They also feature varieties of chicken, pork, and other meats, all crafted in the Filipino tradition.

For Indian fare, you needn't look any further than Zaiqa. They present many classic Indian dishes, reinterpreted for a modern crowd and prepared using only the finest high-quality ingredients. The tandoori here is especially tempting, coming in both beef and chicken varieties. They also have exquisite curries, various rice dishes, along with heaps of naan and vegetable entrees for special diets. The atmosphere is particularly welcoming, with most guests staying an hour or more to enjoy their meal and chat with company.

"Enjoyed a delicious spread at buffet lunch a few weeks ago. Came back and enjoyed the most flavorful dinner on a wet Wednesday. Ordered Daal Masala, Mixed Naan Basket, Vegetable Biryani, Tandoori Chicken and Karahi Chicken. Every dish was a hit and the selection complimented each other. Will definitely return for more meals."

Hercules is even home to bold Mexican cuisine, courtesy of Mazatlan. Soup, salad, fajitas, tacos, fish, whatever you're hankering for, you can likely find it at Mazatlan. They have taken the approach of providing quality food along with great service as well, so, in addition to receiving a great meal, you'll have it served quickly with style and flair from the talented waitstaff.

Time To Look At Those Apartments In Berkeley CA

Or even closer, right in Hercules if you want the highest level of convenience. If the overwhelming dining options weren't enough to entice you, perhaps a look at the Aventine will? This "contemporary coastal" living facility is on the upswing, for more reasons than one.

Located on Sycamore Avenue, just a short way from Dwight Eisenhower highway, the complex puts you in just the right location to get out and see the area. In addition to checking out all of those restaurants, you can take a trip to the other parts of the bay, head on down to Richmond or Berkeley, or see one of the many regional nature zones and experience the outdoors. Just a bit closer to home, you'll find both Duck Pond Park and Bayside Park well within walking distance (they're both right down the street).

As for the Aventine itself, contemporary is definitely the word to describe it. The architecture is decidedly modern, with understated neutral colors and plenty of big beautiful windows allowing a quick glimpse in and stunning views looking out. The grounds feature several amenities for residents, like the plaza, fitness studio, lounge, and pet parlor. There's a clubroom, where residents can socialize and even play pool, and even a library for you to enjoy in some light reading.

The floorplans at the Aventine are distinct, providing the highest degree of studio options all the way up to spacious three bedroom offerings. Even the studios offer a minimum of 600 square feet, and some even go up to 800 square feet. The units just get bigger from there, giving you all the room you need to stretch out, or fit in an extra family member and some of your prized possessions. Units are stacked with features like high ceilings, bay windows, wood-style flooring, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and front load washers/dryers. You'll have everything you need to make your apartment a fully-functional high-end living space from the get go.

Come experience a new way to live. You won't find a place to call home quite like this anywhere else in town—hotel-style comfort in a modern apartment setting. It's a novel idea we're confident that you'll enjoy.

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