5 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Apartment in Hercules, CA

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Apartment in Hercules, CA

Are you planning to make a major change in your life in the near future? One possibility to really shake things up is to move out of your current town, village, or city. And if you really want to make life interesting, you should begin looking for apartments for rent in Hercules CA.

Why is Hercules, California such a great place to live?

In this article, we will do our best to provide the answer to this question. In fact, we’re laying out five reasons why Hercules is the perfect place to live if you are looking to make a major move in your life.

The Hercules, CA School System Is Excellent

If you have children and plan to move to Hercules in the near future, or you’re a young couple getting ready to start a family, it’s certainly a great idea to move to the city because of the fantastic school system.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of different schools in this region that are considered the top scoring public schools in the entire country. This bodes well for young families looking to provide their children with a high quality public education.

Enjoy the Comfortable and Affordable Apartments for Rent in Hercules CA

The beauty of moving to Hercules is that there are so many amazing affordable apartments to rent in this great city. And not only are they affordable, they are also comfortable, luxurious, and absolutely worth every penny.

Out of all of the potential apartments to rent in Hercules, we personally prefer the new apartment homes available from Aventine.

Why Aventine?

For starters, these apartments were designed with spacious living in mind. Their hotel style amenities and modern interiors make it very easy to live comfortably in this awesome apartment complex.

To make it very clear, these apartments have some incredible interior features that you will truly appreciate. They include: 10 to 14 foot high ceilings, bay windows, vinyl plank flooring, bathroom and kitchen countertops made of quartz, beautiful cabinetry, walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, air-conditioning, frontload washer and dryer combo units, and more.

And they also have other great amenities available to every resident living in one of the apartments. Our favorite amenities include: the Pet Parlor, the Fitness Studio, the Clubroom, the Library, the Clubroom Terrace, the Lobby Lounge, the Plaza, and more.

Clearly, Aventine definitely had comfort and luxury in mind when they designed these amazing apartments and the entire complex. Not only are they nearly perfect in every way, but they are also very affordable and a great place to live as a happy couple or a growing family.

You’ll Appreciate the Scrumptious Eating Establishments in Hercules

Do you enjoy fine dining while eating high-quality restaurant food? Or maybe you prefer eating in a low-key local establishment in a casual setting?

You literally get this and so much more in Hercules, California. And the restaurants in this wonderful location are highly recommended by many of the top reviewers online.

You’ll have no problem finding a well-respected, affordable restaurant no matter what type of food you happen to be in the mood for. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, organic, seafood, or anything else, there’s definitely a great restaurant waiting just around the corner from your home.

Some of the top restaurants and food establishments in Hercules include: Leila by the Bay, Kinder’s Meats Deli BBQ & Catering, Powder Keg, Won Thai Cuisine, Dragon Terrace, Claws and Craws, Creekside Café, Extreme Pizza, and many other tantalizing and tasty options.

As you can see by the names of the restaurants mentioned above, there is clearly something available for everyone. Do yourself a huge favor and enjoy the wonderful restaurants that will soon be available to you once you begin living in Hercules CA.

Recreational Activities in Hercules

After you’ve moved to this beautiful city in California, where the weather hovers around 65°F every day, you’ll want to spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying life while soaking up the sun.

To fully appreciate everything available to you in the city, you’ll need to take advantage of some of the wonderful recreational activities that are currently available for you to enjoy.

Some of the most popular recreational activities in Hercules include: the winter wonderland, the holiday tree lighting, eating breakfast with Santa, parent’s night out, the Easter egg hunt, Rec Expo week, table tennis, oil painting, karate, beginner’s yoga, Jazzercise, and many other incredible options.

As you can easily tell, Hercules takes outdoor recreational activities very seriously. There are many wonderful programs and things to do for people of all ages, whether they happen to be young or old.

Cost-Of-Living, Housing, Crime, Employment, and Weather in Hercules

Since you are planning to move to this incredible city in California, it obviously makes sense to find out some of the pertinent details about the city itself.

Is the cost-of-living really expensive? Is housing affordable? Is there a high crime rate? Are unemployment rates low?

You’ll want answers to all of these questions and more before you make your final decision. So we will take it upon ourselves to provide you with this information today.

When all is said and done, we feel Hercules is a great place to live. Let’s see if you agree with us.

Is it expensive to live in Hercules?

Well, as far as cost-of-living is concerned when compared to the rest of California, it’s actually 5% more expensive to live here than in many other locations. Many of you might consider that a negative, so keep it in mind.

Is the crime rate too high in Hercules?

Absolutely not! When compared to the rest of California, the crime rate is 45% lower.

Is housing more or less affordable?

The median home value in Hercules is on par with real estate throughout the rest of California.

And the average summer temperature in this city is 61°. So the weather is always quite enjoyable.


It’s definitely a great time to move to this beautiful city. The apartments for rent in Hercules CA are affordable and there are many other great amenities that you will truly appreciate. Seriously consider moving here because it’s a great idea.

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